John Hancock

[John Hancock to Joseph Warren] “My Dear Sir, Sunday Morng. 18 June 1775. Philada. I intended writing you a long Letter, but am prevented, by my Attention to the orders of Congress in Dispatching an Express & writing to Govr Trumbull on matters of infinite Importance, in short from my Situation in Congress I have […]

Date: June 14, 1768 “Upon a Motion made and seconded, Voted, that Dr. Joseph Warren Dr. Benjamin Church Mr. Samuel Adams be a Committee to prepare the form of a Vote, to be laid before the Town at the Adjournment; expressing their great dislike at the manners of procedure in the Custom house Officers in […]

“Worcester, April 24, 1775. Monday Evening. Gentlemen: Mr. S. Adams and myself, just arrived here, find no intelligence from you, and no guard. We just hear an express has just passed through this place to you, from New York, informing that administration is bent upon pushing matters; and that four regiments are expected there. How […]

 “Cambridge, October 18, 1774. Sir, It is reported in this town that Mr. N.R. Thomas declared at your table that the Governor would take up a number of persons in Boston, and send them to England as Dyer was sent, so soon as he completed his works, and obtained reinforcements which he expected. This report […]

Date: 1763-1775   Descriptor Title First Name Surname Occupation or Address Initial Visit Mr Eaton at Mr Sumners in Roxby Jul 11, 1763 Child Benjamin Edes Printer Apr 14, 1767 Benjamin Edes Printer Oct 01, 1768 wife (Mrs.) Edes Printer Jul 25, 1774 Edgar Dyer Feb 10, 1768 Edmond Edmond in Fore Street Aug 25, […]

Date: March 5, 1774 “Men, Brethren, Fathers, and Fellow-Countrymen: The attentive gravity; the venerable appearance of this crowded audience; the dignity which I behold in the countenances of so many in this great assembly; the solemnity of the occasion upon which we have met together, joined to a consideration of the part I am to […]

Dates: October 23, November 2, and November 3, 1773 Author: Abiel Ruddock as secretary of the Boston North End Caucus “October 23, 1773.  Gibbons Sharp Moderator. Voted – That this body will oppose the vending any Tea, sent by the East India Company to any part of the Continent, with our lives and fortunes. Voted […]

Date: April 10, 1775 “[to Dr. Dix] Boston [Monday] April 10, 1775 Sir my Goods are many of them out of Town. I must pray you to hire a Couple of Waggons for me and direct them to go to the House of Mrs Mary Warren in Roxbury for as many of my Goods as […]

Author: Mercy Scollay Date: May 21, 1776 Will Mr. Hancock permit an obscure Friend to intrude upon him in those moments that he retires from the complea affairs of his country to taste the sweets of sociability that ever attends Domestic happiness? If he will, Miss Scollay puts in her claim and begs an audience. […]

Date: August, 17, 1775 Author: Miss Mercy Scollay [To Dr. Dix, posted from Watertown, Massachusetts] “I look upon the promise made my friend of writing him by first opportunity too sacred to omit, tho’ I’ve nothing yet of any consequence to say – My journey down [from Worcester] was safe and my little girls [Joseph […]