Date: March 18, 1775 “…A certain Reverend Doctor of the Establish’d Church in this town lately said that he would rather wade up to his knees in blood, than that the Ministry should give way. An officer, with men from the 4th Regiment in Barracks at West Boston, erected a couple of tents just at [...]

“…At a Meeting of Freeholders and other Inhabitants of this Town on Wednesday the 4th ult. A very respectable Committee was appointed to consider what Measures were proper to be taken to vindicate the Character of the Town from the false and injurious Representations contained in several Letters, Memorials, &c. wrote by Governor Bernard, General [...]

Mr. Gage is Unequal to the Task that is Set Him and is at a Loss for Measures

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“Boston  Aug. 27, 1774. Gentlemen,- Your letter, with the 291 sheep, were received safely, and met with a very hearty welcome.— We have good reason to think that our oppressors see their mistake, and that they will ere long be convinced that Americans are not to be fritted or wheedled out of their rights.- The [...]

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When Liberty is the Prize, Who Would Shun the Warfare ?

 “Boston, Aug. 24, 1774. Gentlemen, – Your elegant and benevolent favor of the lst instant yielded us that support and consolation amid our distresses, which the generous sympathy of assured friends can never fail to inspire. ‘Tis the part of this people to frown on danger, face to face ; to stand the focus of [...]

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That Liberty with which Christ hath Made us Free: from a List of Infrigements and Violation of Rights – Boston’s Committee of Correspondence

Date: November 20, 1772 “… the following will not fail to excite the Attention of all who consider themselves interested in the Happiness and Freedom of Mankind in general, and of this Continent and Province in Particular. 1st. The British Parliament have assumed the Powers of Legislation for the Colonists in all Cases whatsoever, without [...]

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But Little Expense and Have Great Influence

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Date: 2 May 1777 [to John Adams] The Monuments you are erecting to the Memory of the great Heroes Montgomery, Warren and Mercer, will be a pleaseing circumstance to the Army in general and at the same time a piece of Justice due to the bravery of the unfortunate Generals.  These things are attended with [...]

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Dead Man’s Horse

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“Boston November 18 1774 I hereby acknowledge the Receiving of Mr Caleb Hayward [o]f Dorchester be Saddle and Bridle Value Twelve Dollars which I received in Payment [o]f Part of a Debt due to me from the Estate of Captain John Hayward [o]f Braintree deceased which Sum of twelve Dollars I am informed is charged [...]

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How I Lost My Teeth versus George Washington

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Date: 1800s, referring to 1764 Author: John Adams “In the Winter of 1764 the Small Pox prevailing in Boston, I went with my Brother into Town and was inocculated under the Direction of Dr. Nathaniel Perkins and Dr. Joseph Warren. This Distemper was very terrible even by Inocculation at that time. My Physicians dreaded it, [...]

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Courting Abigail with Tales of his Inoculation

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Date: April 13, 1764 My dearest We arrived at Captn. Cunninghams, about Twelve O’Clock and sent our Compliments to Dr. Perkins. The Courrier returned with Answer that the Dr. was determined to inoculate no more without a Preparation preevious to Inoculation. That We should have written to him and have received Directions from him, and [...]

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Wiswall Kept a House of Ill Fame for Some Time

Date: November 2, 1775 [John Andrews to William Barrell of Philadelphia] [Boston] “November 2nd. Last evening the Overseers of the poor here, as is their custom, took up the Mistress, or house keeper of one Wiswall, a shoemaker (who formerly belong’d to Cambridge, but since the troops have been here has got to work for [...]

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