The Boston Landmarks Commission (BLC) is currently considering a petition of Roxbury residents to designate the Warren homestead as an historic site and building. Several people attending the City Hall hearing on April 26, 2016 also opined on the fate of the bronze statue of Joseph Warren, which used to stand on a now-gone traffic […]

Date: April 26, 1775 “To the Governor and Company of Connecticut In Committee of Safety, at Cambridge, Gentlemen, – The distressed situation in which we are, and the danger to which the liberties of all America, and especially the New England Colonies, are exposed, will be the best apology for our importunate application to you […]

Readiness of Our friends from New Hampshire on This Day of Distress

“1775, Cambridge, April 26. Sir, – Our friends from New Hampshire have shown their readiness to assist us on this day [of] distress: therefore thought it best to give orders for enlisting such as were present in the service of this colony, as many desired something might be done to hold them together until the […]

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Inclined to Remove into the Town with Their Effects

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Date: April 23, 1775 Boston Committee to Dr. Joseph Warren. Sir: The following proceedings contain the Agreement made between his Excellency General Gage and the Town of Boston.  You are informed it is the earnest desire of the inhabitants, that such persons as incline to remove into the Town with their effects, may be permitted […]

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Fate of the Warren Homestead to be Decided April 26, 2016

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What:  Hearing on whether the Warren home should become a designated historic site. If you are in the area and feel strongly on the matter, do attend the public hearing. Why:  The future of the Warren house is uncertain. The situation causing concern is summarized here. The Warren house has never been officially certified in […]

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Can Someone Return My Head?

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Monuments and physical locations exclusively associated with the Stamp Tax are extremely rare. The only one to my knowledge is the obelisk erected in Dedham, Massachusetts, in the summer of 1766. J.L. Bell informs me that Dr. Nathaniel Ames (probably III) was the driving force behind this monument and, perhaps, Dedhamites were not entirely thrilled […]

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Unequally Yoked in Point of Politics

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“The grenadier and light infantry companies were taken off duty, upon the plea of learning a new exercise, which made the Bostonians jealous, that there was some scheme on foot. A daughter of liberty, unequally yoked in point of politics, sent word, by a trusty hand, to Mr. Samuel Adams, residing in company with Mr. […]

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Way to Safety Thro’ Fields of Blood – Original Manuscript of 1775 Massacre Oration

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1 It is not without the most humiliating conviction of my want of ability that I now appear before you. But The sense I have of the obligation I am under to obey the calls of my country at all times, together with an animating recollection of your indulgence exhibited upon so many occasions, has […]

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Cato More Perfect Than Before

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Date: 1758 Author: Nathaniel Ames July 3, 1758 “Cato a Play acted at [Joseph] Warren’s Chamber” July 6, 1758 “Cato to Perfection” July 14, 1758 “Cato more perfect than before.” Sources: Nathaniel Ames’ Diary (extracts), manuscript, Dedham Historical Society: Dedham, Massachusetts. Ames, Nathaniel. “Year of a College Student’s Life.” In American History Told by Contemporaries, […]

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Europe in a Ferment, America on the Point of Bursting into Flames

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Date: Boston October 5, 1768 “Committee of the Boston Sons of Liberty to John Wilkes Sir Your very obliging favor we receiv’d by Capt. Bruce the 18th ultimo. The members were immediately assembled and inexpressible was the satisfaction of our regale on the genuine sentiments of a worthy Briton. Your health your friends and cause […]

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