Date: April 13, 1764 My dearest We arrived at Captn. Cunninghams, about Twelve O’Clock and sent our Compliments to Dr. Perkins. The Courrier returned with Answer that the Dr. was determined to inoculate no more without a Preparation preevious to Inoculation. That We should have written to him and have received Directions from him, and [...]

Date: November 2, 1775 [John Andrews to William Barrell of Philadelphia] [Boston] “November 2nd. Last evening the Overseers of the poor here, as is their custom, took up the Mistress, or house keeper of one Wiswall, a shoemaker (who formerly belong’d to Cambridge, but since the troops have been here has got to work for [...]

Gracious Providence Has Been Pleased to Mark Down for Us Some Later Date

[James Lovell to Josiah Quincy, Jun.] “Boston, October 28, 1774. MY DEAR SIR: You will see by the papers, that immediately after you sailed, a Proclamation was issued to discharge the Members from attendance upon that General Court, for which precepts, you know, had been given out. They judiciously slighted sticking to Charter-rule; and upon [...]

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Act Upon the Defensive so Long as Justified by Reason and Self Preserva­tion

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[Samuel Adams to Joseph Warren] “Philadelphia, September 25, 1774. My Dear Sir, – I wrote you yesterday by the post. A frequent communication at this critical conjuncture is necessary. As the all-important American cause so much depends upon each colonys acting agreeably to the sentiments of the whole, it must be useful to you to [...]

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There is a Charm in the Word ‘Constitutional’

[Samuel Adams to Joseph Warren] “Philadelphia, September [24], 1774. My Dear, -Your letter of the 12th instant, directed to Mr. Cushing and others, came duly to hand. The subject of it is of the greatest importance. It is difficult, at this distance, to form a judgment, with any degree of accuracy, of what is best [...]

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Future Governor William Eustis Refuses to See a Three Year Old

Date: August 26, 1778 “Bedford [Pennsylvania or Massachusetts?] 15 miles from Camp Dear Doctor [Nathaniel Ames III], When I was with you in Dedham, I expected my brother would have gone to Boston immediately on my arrival in Camp: but business so happened that he did not go, and therefore I had not the opportunity [...]

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Reception of the Suffolk Resolves: Lauded to the Skies by the Inhabitants of Philadelphia

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Date: [September 12-18, 1774] “Monday. This Day as usual was spent on Committees. Tuesday We dined with Mr. Smith a Merchant of this City–and on Wednesday & Thursday attended Our Business. Friday We had a grand Entertainment at the State House. Sammy Webb must describe it. About Five Hundred Gentlemen sat down at once, and [...]

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Fudell All Our Noses

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“Wine will make us Red as Roses & our sorrows Quite forgett come let us Fudell all our Noses and Drink our Selves Til out of Debt” Source: Flyleaf inscription and juvenile signature in Massachusetts Historical Society’s copy of: Bailey, N. (Nathan). English and Latine Exercises for School-Boys, Fifth edition, Boston: T. Fleet, for Samuel [...]

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Your Particular Friend who Nobly Lost His Life in the Cause of Liberty

Hannah Storer Green to Abigail Adams             “Westfield [Massachusetts] August 18th. 1775 My Dear Friend ‘To certain Trouble we are born Hope to rejoice but sure to mourn.’ A serious truth this, which daily observation teaches, and experience convinces us of; for at the very moment that our hopes are at their height, trouble comes [...]

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Not Proper to Proceed to Compleat the Business at Hand

“Roxbury August 18, 1774 Gent, A Meeting of Gentlemen from Every Town & District in the County of Suffolk, Except Weymouth, Cohasset, Needham & Chelsea was Held at Col. Doty’s in Stoughton on Tuesday 16th: Currant to Consult what Measures were Proper to be taken by the People of the County at this Most Important [...]

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