“Messieurs Edes & Gill, Please to insert the following. I have seen enough of life to make me cautious of trusting to a fair outside; yet when I find a truly good and honest man, be his tenets in religion or philosophy what they may, I regard him as a pearl of great price.  It [...]

Date: September 28, 1767 Messirs. Fleets, Please to insert the following in your next. Its proper Power to hurt each Creature feels, Bulls aim their Horns, and Asses lift their Heels. Pope. Amongst the many great and daring steps lately taken by the pretended Patriots of this province to promote discord, and alienate the minds [...]

Grind the Faces of the Poor by Rapine or Close-fisted Usury

“Messirs Fleets, Meeting with your Evening-Post of September 21st, I was surprized to find an Address to the good People of this Province, dated from Swanzey, conceived in such Terms; I hoped that T-sd les[?] were confined to Taunton, but I find you have his Parallel among you at Boston, for I am positive the [...]

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Blow-Coals who Sower the Minds of the Unwary and Ignorant

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“Messirs. Fleets, If you think the annexed Piece worth publishing, I must desire you’ll insert it as sent you. To the good People of this Province. Soyez Sage. I am extreamly grieved to see those who pretend to pride themselves in the love and prosperity of their country, and stile themselves patriots (at this critical [...]

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Suffolk Resolves in Full Text

Date: September 9, 1774 “At a meeting of the delegates of every town and district in the county of Suffolk, on Tuesday, the 6th of September, at the house of Mr. Richard Woodward, of Dedham, and, by adjournment, at the house of Mr. Daniel Vose, of Milton, on Friday, the 9th instant, Joseph Palmer, Esq., [...]

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The Suffolk Resolves in Draft

Author: Attributed on the basis of handwriting by the biographer John Cary to the Boston town clerk Date: September 6, 1774 “At a Convention of the Representative Comtees of the Several Towns &  Districts of the County of Suffolk in the Province of Massachusetts Bay in New England, on Tuesday the 6th day of Septemr [...]

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False Start to the Suffolk Resolves

“Roxbury August 18, 1774 Gent[lemen], A Meeting of Gentlemen from Every Town & District in the County of Suffolk, Except Weymouth, Cohasset, Needham & Chelsea was Held at Col. Doty’s in Stoughton on Tuesday 16th: Currant to Consult what Measures were Proper to be taken by the People of the County at this Most Important [...]

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Politically Charged Doctor’s Excuse Note

Date: March 21, 1765 “This may certify that about six Weeks ago I was called to visit Samuel Richardson son of Capt. Nathl Richardson. I found his nerves much disordered with frequent Twitchings and partial Convulsions attended with a Delirium. I bled him largely and gave him several Doses of Physick – upon which the [...]

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Futile Growling of a Toothless Hound Cannot Disturb the Breast Covered by the Shield of Conscious Integrity

by Philo Physic, pseudonym of Joseph Warren Date: July 27, 1767 “To Doctor Young. Sir, I never had a wish to injure any man, nor would I give undeserved pain to the meanest reptile – My only aim in publishing my sentiments upon the matter in debate between Dr. Whitworth and you, was to discourage [...]

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The Greatest Friend to Liberty Must Needs be Ashamed of the Boston Gazette

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by Dr. Thomas Young To Democritus. Alternate confessions and denials issue so freely from some persons, that these with their hints of some magazines of scandal yet unbroached, and sly in[n]uendoes of being loaded with mighty secrets, obtained in closest friendship, give their productions a formidable aspect.  Threaten again, Democritus, as you or the good-natur’d [...]

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