“Roxbury August 18, 1774 Gent[lemen], A Meeting of Gentlemen from Every Town & District in the County of Suffolk, Except Weymouth, Cohasset, Needham & Chelsea was Held at Col. Doty’s in Stoughton on Tuesday 16th: Currant to Consult what Measures were Proper to be taken by the People of the County at this Most Important [...]

Date: March 21, 1765 “This may certify that about six Weeks ago I was called to visit Samuel Richardson son of Capt. Nathl Richardson. I found his nerves much disordered with frequent Twitchings and partial Convulsions attended with a Delirium. I bled him largely and gave him several Doses of Physick – upon which the [...]

Futile Growling of a Toothless Hound Cannot Disturb the Breast Covered by the Shield of Conscious Integrity

by Philo Physic, pseudonym of Joseph Warren Date: July 27, 1767 “To Doctor Young. Sir, I never had a wish to injure any man, nor would I give undeserved pain to the meanest reptile – My only aim in publishing my sentiments upon the matter in debate between Dr. Whitworth and you, was to discourage [...]

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The Greatest Friend to Liberty Must Needs be Ashamed of the Boston Gazette

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by Dr. Thomas Young To Democritus. Alternate confessions and denials issue so freely from some persons, that these with their hints of some magazines of scandal yet unbroached, and sly in[n]uendoes of being loaded with mighty secrets, obtained in closest friendship, give their productions a formidable aspect.  Threaten again, Democritus, as you or the good-natur’d [...]

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Joseph Warren Defines Youngism: Self-conceit, Vainboasting, Impudence, Quackery, Boorishness, and Impertinent Loquacity

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Date: July 6, 1767 “To Dr. Young:  Sir, I perceive, without emotion, your unavailing rage; and look without concern, upon that malice, which, tho’ aimed at another, recoils with redoubled weight upon your own head. Your challenge to meet you, and demonstrate your ignorance of the Medical science, is intirely sup[e]rseded by your own publications: [...]

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The Sword of Bunker Hill

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Words by William Ross Wallace. Music by Bernard Covert Date: circa 1855   He lay upon his dying bed; His eyes were growing dim, When with a feeble voice he called His weeping son to him: “Weep not, my boy!” the vet’ran said, “I bow to Heaven’s high will  – But quickly from yon antlers [...]

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Sword of Bunker Hill

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Source: Massachusetts Historical Society artifact. Photograph by Boston Public Library, where the sword is currently on display through November 29, 2015. It is part of the “We Are One” exhibition at McKim Hall at the main library location. Commentary: This sword is believed to have been carried by Joseph Warren at the moment of his [...]

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No Special Connections with a Certain Set of Gentlemen

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Author: Misophlauros, a pseudonym of Dr. Thomas Young Date: June 15, 1767 “In Messrs. Fleets Paper of April 20, 1767, was published an account of a woman in Boston in a pulmonary phthisis, with troublesome fatiguing cough and fever rising irregularly, sometimes to inflammation. One lobe of the lungs more affected than the other, the [...]

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Warren’s Address

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by John Pierpoint Stand! the ground’s your own, my braves! Will ye give it up to slaves? Will ye look for greener graves? Hope ye mercy still? What’s the mercy despots feel? Hear it in that battle-peal! Read it on yon bristling steel. Ask it,–ye who will. Fear ye foes who kill for hire? Will [...]

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Founder of MGH Rattled by the Family Resurrectionist Tradition

by Dr. John Collins Warren Date: Recollection of circa 1796 events “No occurrences in the course of my life have given me more trouble and anxiety than the procuring of subjects for dissection in the medical lectures. My father began to dissect early in the Revolutionary War. He obtained the office of Army Surgeon when [...]

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