Mercy Scollay

AN ELEGY OCCASIONED BY THE DEATH of Major General JOSEPH WARREN, who fell fighting  in Defense of the Glorious Cause of his Country, at Charlestown, in New England on the memorable 17th day of June, 1775 O!  Every mournful Muse inspire my Verse, Fill my young Breast with more than mortal Fire, For Notes alone […]

Date: April 23, 1775 Boston Committee to Dr. Joseph Warren. Sir: The following proceedings contain the Agreement made between his Excellency General Gage and the Town of Boston.  You are informed it is the earnest desire of the inhabitants, that such persons as incline to remove into the Town with their effects, may be permitted […]

Date: 2 May 1777 [to John Adams] The Monuments you are erecting to the Memory of the great Heroes Montgomery, Warren and Mercer, will be a pleaseing circumstance to the Army in general and at the same time a piece of Justice due to the bravery of the unfortunate Generals.  These things are attended with […]

Date: August 26, 1778 “Bedford [Pennsylvania or Massachusetts?] 15 miles from Camp Dear Doctor [Nathaniel Ames III], When I was with you in Dedham, I expected my brother would have gone to Boston immediately on my arrival in Camp: but business so happened that he did not go, and therefore I had not the opportunity […]

[To Mrs. Dix of Worcester, Massachusetts] Boston December 10th [1776] Tell your good Mama Ive seen the people about the cake pans but as she did not tell me how many she wanted I did not chuse to take them till I hear from her – they have about a dozen and half – she […]

 “February 18, 1775 Dear Jack, I would not lead you (although I stand much in need of cash) into any situation from which you could not easily bring yourself, honorably and conveniently. Mr. Greenleaf is not in want of money, but a circumstance is soon likely to take place which makes it proper I should […]

In early April 1775, two weeks prior to the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, Joseph Warren arranged for the care of a young pregnant woman.  Thought to have been Sally Edwards, she was identified only as Joseph Warren’s “fair incognita pregnans” in the account book of Dr. Nathaniel Ames, the physician, Dedham innkeeper, and old […]

Date: 1763-1775 Descriptor Title First Name Surname Occupation or Address Initial Visit Child Lambert   Oct 31, 1774 daughter Mrs. Lambson   Jun 9, 1774 Larrabee Larrabee at Ray Taylors Jan 31, 1775 Mrs. Laton in royal exchange Lane Aug 16, 1774 Mrs. Lawrence Aug 13, 1774 Miss Sarah Learnad Jul 23, 1768 Mr Thomas […]

by Samuel A. Forman In my biography of Joseph Warren, I suggest that his fiancée Miss Mercy Scollay may have been the author of an intriguing and ingenious poem that appeared anonymously in June 1774. Articles Which Female Vanity has Comprised as Necessaries was featured in Isaiah Thomas’ Royal American Magazine just as the Solemn […]

by Samuel A. Forman I believe that the sitter portrayed in John Singleton Copley’s mysterious Lady in a Blue Dress is Miss Mercy Scollay of Boston at age 22. The striking, full size portrait resides at the Terra Foundation Museum in Chicago.[i] In an age of visuals, I decided that an image of Miss Scollay […]