Paul Revere

Date: Boston October 5, 1768 “Committee of the Boston Sons of Liberty to John Wilkes Sir Your very obliging favor we receiv’d by Capt. Bruce the 18th ultimo. The members were immediately assembled and inexpressible was the satisfaction of our regale on the genuine sentiments of a worthy Briton. Your health your friends and cause […]

John McHugh (L) and Mike McHugh (R)

That headline reads a bit cockeyed. Revere had the able assistance of a horse, by tradition named Brown Beauty. He did not don running shoes, which in any case would not as yet have been invented. Local runner Michael McHugh plans again this year to embark on his annual run in homage to the iconic […]

Date: mid-to-late 1775 and showing the 1776 date. An Account of the Commencement of Hostilities between Great Britain and America, in the province of Massachusetts Bay, by the Rev. Mr. William Gordon, of Roxbury, in a letter to a gentleman in England. [Continued from part I, found here] Before Major Pitcairn arrived at Lexington signal […]

 Boston, December 12, 1774. GENTLEMEN, -We think it our duty to inform you, that one of the [British Navy] transports sailed from this port yesterday, in the afternoon, with several hundred soldiers on board. There are various conjectures concerning her destination; but it is generally believed she is designed for Newport, and that the troops […]

Today we make a departure from posting primary source documents by and about Dr. Joseph Warren to note a bit of inspiration in the current day. A local runner has established a personal annual observance of the events, personalities, and principles that sparked a revolution.  In light of the tragic events of recent days, it […]

An ORATION; delivered March 5th, 1773, at the Request of the INHABITANTS of the TOWN of BOSTON; to Commemorate the bloody TRAGEDY of the FIFTH of March, 1770. By Dr. BENJAMIN CHURCH. Impius haec culta novalia miles habebit? Barbarus has segetes? En quo Discordia cives Perduxit miseros? En queis consevimus agros?    Virgil.  Ecl. I. O […]

Dates: October 23, November 2, and November 3, 1773 Author: Abiel Ruddock as secretary of the Boston North End Caucus “October 23, 1773.  Gibbons Sharp Moderator. Voted – That this body will oppose the vending any Tea, sent by the East India Company to any part of the Continent, with our lives and fortunes. Voted […]

Author: Joseph Warren signatory and possible co-author “Boston 1769. We the subscribers Inhabitants of the Town of Boston being desirous to concur with the Merchants and Traders of said Town in their late laudable Agreement not to import any of the Manufactures of Great Britain, do hereby faithfully promise and engage that we will […]

Date: May 3, 1773 “Died On Tuesday last [i.e. April 27, 1773]. Mrs. Elizabeth Warren, the amiable and virtuous Consort of Dr. Joseph Warren, in the 26th Year of her Age. – Her Remains were decently interr’d last Friday Afternoon. If fading Lillies, when they droop and die Rob’d of each Charm that pleas’d the […]

by Miss Mercy Scollay Date: July 27, 1776 [to Mrs. Dix] “Eben [Ebenezer Warren, Joseph’s brother] comming in for me and said his mother wanted to see me very much when I arrived at the old Ladys [Mrs. Mary Stevens Warren] she told me Mrs M—r [Miller] had sent out that morning and desired to […]