Date: April 10, 1775 “[to Dr. Dix] Boston [Monday] April 10, 1775 Sir my Goods are many of them out of Town. I must pray you to hire a Couple of Waggons for me and direct them to go to the House of Mrs Mary Warren in Roxbury for as many of my Goods as […]

Date: February 25, 1775 To Dr. Elijah Dix [of Worcester] “Boston, 25 Feby. 1775 I must request you to have the House ready to receive some of my Goods in three or four Days, if they should arrive before any of my Family I must beg you would take the care of them, as the […]

Author: Mercy Scollay Date: May 21, 1776 Will Mr. Hancock permit an obscure Friend to intrude upon him in those moments that he retires from the complea affairs of his country to taste the sweets of sociability that ever attends Domestic happiness? If he will, Miss Scollay puts in her claim and begs an audience. […]