Massachusetts Provincial Congress

“To Arthur LEE, Esq., London. Boston, April 3, 1775. Dear Sir, Your favor of the 21st of December came opportunely to hand, as it enabled me to give the Provincial Congress, now sitting at Concord, a just view of the measures pursued by the tools of the Administration, and effectually to guard them against that […]

 [to Samuel Adams] “Boston, Feb.10, 1775. Dear Sir, – We were this morning alarmed with a report, that a party of soldiers was sent to Cambridge, with design- to disperse the [Massachusetts Provincial] congress. Many here believed it was in consequence of what was yesterday published by their order. I confess I paid so much […]

 “Cambridge, October 18, 1774. Sir, It is reported in this town that Mr. N.R. Thomas declared at your table that the Governor would take up a number of persons in Boston, and send them to England as Dyer was sent, so soon as he completed his works, and obtained reinforcements which he expected. This report […]