Boston Tea Party

Date: December 21, 1773 “Joseph Warren to Arthur Lee. Boston, Dec. 21st, 1773. Sir, – My respected friend, Mr. [Samuel] Adams, informs me of the honor he has done me by mentioning my name to you in his letters.  I can by no means lose so fair an opportunity of opening a correspondence with one […]

  Author: Anonymous Date: [late December 1773]      “Rally Mohawks, and bring your axes And tell King George we’ll pay no taxes on his foreign tea; His threats are vain, and vain to think To force our girls and wives to drink his vile Bohea! Then rally, boys, and hasten on To meet our […]

Dates: October 23, November 2, and November 3, 1773 Author: Abiel Ruddock as secretary of the Boston North End Caucus “October 23, 1773.  Gibbons Sharp Moderator. Voted – That this body will oppose the vending any Tea, sent by the East India Company to any part of the Continent, with our lives and fortunes. Voted […]