Committee of Correspondence

 “Boston, Aug. 24, 1774. Gentlemen, – Your elegant and benevolent favor of the lst instant yielded us that support and consolation amid our distresses, which the generous sympathy of assured friends can never fail to inspire. ‘Tis the part of this people to frown on danger, face to face ; to stand the focus of […]

Date: November 20, 1772 “… the following will not fail to excite the Attention of all who consider themselves interested in the Happiness and Freedom of Mankind in general, and of this Continent and Province in Particular. 1st. The British Parliament have assumed the Powers of Legislation for the Colonists in all Cases whatsoever, without […]

“Boston  January 23, 1775 Dear Jack I am truly pleased to hear you are in agreeable Circumstances as to Business, go in and prosper.  I find Nothing coming in, in this Town I am not able to collect any Debts at the same Time I am more than commonly call’d upon for Cash  your Note […]

Date:  July 4, 1774 signatures on document printed early in June 1774 “WE the Subscribers, inhabitants of the town of Westford having taken into our serious consideration the precarious state of the liberties on North-America, and more especially the present distressed condition of this insulted province, embarrassed as it is by several acts of the […]

 Joseph Warren to the Baltimore Committee of Correspondence “Boston, June 16, 1774. GENTLEMEN, -We last evening received your generous and affectionate letter, 3d instant, enclosing your noble and spirited resolves. Nothing gives us a more animating confidence of the happy event of our present struggle for the liberties of America, or offers us greater support […]

Dates: October 23, November 2, and November 3, 1773 Author: Abiel Ruddock as secretary of the Boston North End Caucus “October 23, 1773.  Gibbons Sharp Moderator. Voted – That this body will oppose the vending any Tea, sent by the East India Company to any part of the Continent, with our lives and fortunes. Voted […]

Date: undated, probably November 28, 1773 Author: Attributed to Joseph Warren “A part of the tea shipped by the East-India Company is now arrived in this harbor, and we look upon ourselves bound to give you the earliest intimation of it; and we desire that you favor us with your company at Faneuil Hall, at […]

Authors:  Boston Committee of Correspondence, which included Joseph Warren “Boston, June 22d, 1773. Sir, The Committee of Correspondence of the Town of Boston, conformable to that Duty which they have hitherto endeavored to discharge with Fidelity, again address you with a very fortunate important Discovery; and cannot express their grateful Sentiments in having obtained the […]

Author: Wayne McCarthy, Waltham Public Schools and Past Captain Commanding of the Lexington Minute Men Date: Jan-Feb 1773 Source: Massachusetts Spy, Vol. II, issue 104, suppl, January 29, 1773; Essex Gazette, Vol. V, Issue 136, pp. 1-2 suppl, February 9, 1773 Commentary:  Mr. McCarthy speculates, with respect to both political motivations and the mechanics of […]

Date:  Jan-Feb 1773 The Massachusetts Spy, Vol. II, issue 104, suppl; January 29, 1773;  Essex Gazette, Vol. V, Issue 136, pp. 1-2 suppl, February 9, 1773;  and Massachusetts Gazette Extraordinary, Issue 3618, p. 1, February 4, 1773 – published the Massachusetts House of Representatives’ answer to Thomas Hutchinson’s New Year’s 1773 speech.  The first two […]