Defiance to the Founder of Their Faith: more 1775 Oration Highlights

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Date:  March 6, 1775

“[P]rinces, honoured with the name of Christian, might bid defiance to the founder of their faith, might pillage Pagan countries and deluge them with blood, only because they boasted themselves to be the disciples of that teacher who strictly charged his followers to do to others as they would that others should do unto them.”

”Where justice is the standard, heaven is the warrior’s shield…”

”Hardships and dangers, though we forever strive to shun them, have frequently called forth such virtues, as have commanded the applause and reverence of an admiring world. Our country loudly calls you to be circumspect, vigilant, active, and brave.”

“However difficult the combat, you never will decline it when freedom is the prize.”

Source: Boston Massacre Oration excerpts

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