About the Author

Samuel A. Forman is an historian, physician, educator, and businessman. He is the president of Oak and Ivy Health Systems, Inc. and a visiting scientist at the Harvard University School of Public Health. Throughout his successful careers as a physician, military officer, and businessman, he has published and lectured on historical topics impacting current issues. In his spare time he acts as company surgeon of the Lexington Minute Men historical reenactors.

About Doctor Joseph Warren

Beloved and famous in his time for his political and military exploits, Joseph Warren is now barely remembered as the hero of the Battle of Bunker Hill and as the person who sent Paul Revere on his iconic ride.

No Founding personality captured the aspirational vision and spirit of America, nor matched eloquent words with pragmatic actions that rose to the most dangerous occasion, than did Joseph Warren. Born in 1741, by the time he reached his 34th birthday, he had become a physician, politician, mason and briefly a soldier. He assumed leadership roles in these diverse domains. Rising to the needs of his times and to its challenges, he cast in words and actions a foundation for America’s future.