by Warren 1773

Date: December 21, 1773 “Joseph Warren to Arthur Lee. Boston, Dec. 21st, 1773. Sir, – My respected friend, Mr. [Samuel] Adams, informs me of the honor he has done me by mentioning my name to you in his letters.  I can by no means lose so fair an opportunity of opening a correspondence with one […]

Date: undated, probably November 28, 1773 Author: Attributed to Joseph Warren “A part of the tea shipped by the East-India Company is now arrived in this harbor, and we look upon ourselves bound to give you the earliest intimation of it; and we desire that you favor us with your company at Faneuil Hall, at […]

Authors:  Boston Committee of Correspondence, which included Joseph Warren “Boston, June 22d, 1773. Sir, The Committee of Correspondence of the Town of Boston, conformable to that Duty which they have hitherto endeavored to discharge with Fidelity, again address you with a very fortunate important Discovery; and cannot express their grateful Sentiments in having obtained the […]

Date: October 13, 1773 “Sir The Person who will wait on you with this is a Brother who has been with me in the Study and Practice of Physic and I think has made that Proficiency which justifies my recommending him to the Notice of my medical Friends, He is now deliberating upon the Place […]

“Boston September 21, 1773 Sir Doctor Young yesterday introduced Doctor Randall to me as a Gentleman and Physician of Reputation, and at his Request I enetered upon a conversation concerning medical Matters in general, and more particularly upon the Manner of treating the small Pox, when communicated in the natural way or by Inoculation— And […]

Date: May 17, 1773 Epitaphium Dominae Elisae War***. Omnes, flete, dolete, cari virtutis amici: Heu! Nostras terras Dulcis Elisa fugit. Quisnam Novit eam gemitus que negare profundos Posset? permagni est criminis ille reus. – D….. [Editor’s translation from the Latin]: Epitaph of Mistress Elisa War[ren] Everyone, weep, grieve, dear friends of virtue. Alas! Our lands […]

Date: May 3, 1773 “Died On Tuesday last [i.e. April 27, 1773]. Mrs. Elizabeth Warren, the amiable and virtuous Consort of Dr. Joseph Warren, in the 26th Year of her Age. – Her Remains were decently interr’d last Friday Afternoon. If fading Lillies, when they droop and die Rob’d of each Charm that pleas’d the […]

Date: December 21, 1773 “I fear that unless a speedy alteration is made in the system of American policy, a few years will render us as indifferent to the interests of the mother-country as to that of any other State in Europe. However, as it is my firm opinion that a connection upon constitutional principles […]