“The grenadier and light infantry companies were taken off duty, upon the plea of learning a new exercise, which made the Bostonians jealous, that there was some scheme on foot. A daughter of liberty, unequally yoked in point of politics, sent word, by a trusty hand, to Mr. Samuel Adams, residing in company with Mr. […]

Date: mid-to-late 1775 and showing the 1776 date. An Account of the Commencement of Hostilities between Great Britain and America, in the province of Massachusetts Bay, by the Rev. Mr. William Gordon, of Roxbury, in a letter to a gentleman in England. [Continued from part I, found here] Before Major Pitcairn arrived at Lexington signal […]

Date: [April 20, 1775] Joseph Warren to Towns Gentlemen, -The barbarous murders committed on our innocent brethren, on Wednesday the 19th instant, have made it absolutely, necessary that we immediately raise an army to defend our wives and our children from the butchering hands of an inhuman soldiery, who, incensed at the obstacles they met […]

Author: John G. Battier Date: undated, probably late April 1775 “Capt: Gordon, Thos: Lugg, Wm: Lewis, Charles Carrier & Rich:d Grimshaw in the presence of Captn Battier of the 5th Light Company do solemnly declare, when they were returning to Join the Grenediers they saw a man belonging to the Light Company of the 4:th […]