Boston Marathon

John McHugh (L) and Mike McHugh (R)

That headline reads a bit cockeyed. Revere had the able assistance of a horse, by tradition named Brown Beauty. He did not don running shoes, which in any case would not as yet have been invented. Local runner Michael McHugh plans again this year to embark on his annual run in homage to the iconic […]

Earlier this week an area resident and runner planned his sixth personal commemoration of Patriot’s Day.  On the actual anniversary of the Revolutionary era historic events, McHugh sets out at 9:30 PM from the location of Joseph Warren’s home office toward the Hancock-Clarke House in Lexington.  As described in a previous post, Dr. Joseph Warren […]

Today we make a departure from posting primary source documents by and about Dr. Joseph Warren to note a bit of inspiration in the current day. A local runner has established a personal annual observance of the events, personalities, and principles that sparked a revolution.  In light of the tragic events of recent days, it […]