Thomas Gage

Date: September 26, 1774. “At a Meeting of the Freeholders of this town, on Wednesday, the 21st instant, at Faneuil Hall, the following gentlemen were chosen to represent them in the General Assembly, to be held on the 5th of next month, viz: the Honourable Thomas Cushing, Esquire, Mr. Samuel Adams, the Honourable John Hancock, […]

Date: April 23, 1775 Boston Committee to Dr. Joseph Warren. Sir: The following proceedings contain the Agreement made between his Excellency General Gage and the Town of Boston.  You are informed it is the earnest desire of the inhabitants, that such persons as incline to remove into the Town with their effects, may be permitted […]

“The grenadier and light infantry companies were taken off duty, upon the plea of learning a new exercise, which made the Bostonians jealous, that there was some scheme on foot. A daughter of liberty, unequally yoked in point of politics, sent word, by a trusty hand, to Mr. Samuel Adams, residing in company with Mr. […]

“Joseph Warren to the Preston Committee Boston, Aug. 24, 1774. Gentlemen, -We received by Capt Belcher your letter of the 20th, and the sum of money you were kind enough to send for the support of our poor.  It gives us pleasure amidst our sufferings to find our Brethren determined to assist and support us […]

“Boston  Aug. 27, 1774. Gentlemen,- Your letter, with the 291 sheep, were received safely, and met with a very hearty welcome.— We have good reason to think that our oppressors see their mistake, and that they will ere long be convinced that Americans are not to be fritted or wheedled out of their rights.- The […]

Date: November 2, 1775 [John Andrews to William Barrell of Philadelphia] [Boston] “November 2nd. Last evening the Overseers of the poor here, as is their custom, took up the Mistress, or house keeper of one Wiswall, a shoemaker (who formerly belong’d to Cambridge, but since the troops have been here has got to work for […]

“BOSTON, Aug. 15, 1774. Dear Sir, – Our public affairs have not changed their appearance since your departure. The people are in high spirits, and have the greatest confidence in the wisdom and spirit of the congress, whose decisions they seem determined to abide by. Mr. Gage sent, the day before yesterday, for the selectmen, […]

Date: April 22, 1775 “Joseph Warren to the Select Men and Inhabitants of the Town of Boston Gentlemen— The Committee of Congress being informed that General Gage has proposed a Treaty with the Inhabitants of the Town of Boston, wherein he stipulates that the Women and Children with all their Effects shall have safe Conduct […]

“Extract of a Letter from Joseph Warren to John Scholly Esq:r Dated Watertown May 17:th 1775 Colonel Castor [Arnold?] is now giving his Account in the Congress of the Reduction of the Fort Ticonderoga by a Body of Troops from Connecticut and the Western parts of this Province, Commanded by himself and Colonel Allen. The […]

“In Provincial Congress, Watertown, April 26, 1775. To the Inhabitants of Great Britain:             Friends and fellow-subjects: Hostilities are at length commenced in this Colony by the Troops under command of General Gage; and it being of the greatest importance that an early, true, and authentick account of this inhuman proceeding should be known to […]