Provincial Congress

“Cambridge, June 4, 1775. May it please your Honours: We beg leave to represent to you the peculiar distresses of this Colony, being assured that you will, as the wise guardians of the lives, liberties, and properties of the whole of this extensive Continent, attend to the several circumstances of all who, under God, look […]

Date: September 26, 1774. “At a Meeting of the Freeholders of this town, on Wednesday, the 21st instant, at Faneuil Hall, the following gentlemen were chosen to represent them in the General Assembly, to be held on the 5th of next month, viz: the Honourable Thomas Cushing, Esquire, Mr. Samuel Adams, the Honourable John Hancock, […]

 Massachusetts Provincial Congress Resolution In Provincial Congress, at Watertown, April 23, 1775. RESOLVED, That the following Establishmet of Forces now immediately to be raised for the Recovery and Preservation of our undoubted Rights and Liberties, be as follows, viz per Month. To each Colonel of a Regiment of 598 Men £.15 0 0 To 1 […]

To the Gentlemen Selectmen of the Town of Boston Boston, January 4, 1775 Gentlemen, I have the Honor to transmit to you the Copy of an Order of the late provincial Congress with the Doings of the Committee thereon. As one great Design which the Congress had in View was to know what each of […]