Fort Ticonderoga

“Massachusetts Congress to New-Hampshire Congress. Watertown, June 1, 1775. Gentlemen: We send you enclosed a copy of a letter from Colonel Arnold, commander of the Troops at Ticonderoga and Crown Point, together with a copy of a letter from the Speaker of the House of Representatives for the Colony of Connecticut, by which you will […]

“MASSACHUSETTS COMMITTEE OF SAFETY TO NEW-YORK, COMMITTEE. Cambridge, April 30, 1775. It has been proposed to us to take possession of the Fortress at Ticonderoga. We have a just sense of the importance of that fortification, and the usefulness of those fine cannon, mortars, and field-pieces which are there; but we would not, even upon […]

“Extract of a Letter from Joseph Warren to John Scholly Esq:r Dated Watertown May 17:th 1775 Colonel Castor [Arnold?] is now giving his Account in the Congress of the Reduction of the Fort Ticonderoga by a Body of Troops from Connecticut and the Western parts of this Province, Commanded by himself and Colonel Allen. The […]

by Thomas Gage Date:  March 8, 1775 Letter to Capt De la Place 26th Regt: Ticonderoga “…no doubt have put you on your Guard against any attempts to Surprize your Fort; and I conclude that you have made Report thereof to Major General Carleton, to whom you will apply for any Succor you may stand […]