Margaret Kemble Gage

“The grenadier and light infantry companies were taken off duty, upon the plea of learning a new exercise, which made the Bostonians jealous, that there was some scheme on foot. A daughter of liberty, unequally yoked in point of politics, sent word, by a trusty hand, to Mr. Samuel Adams, residing in company with Mr. […]

Date: 1763 – 1775 Descriptor Title First Name Surname Occupation or Address Initial Visit Mr Joseph Taylor Aug 27, 1763 Captn Taylor Jun 21, 1764 Mr H Mr Joseph Taylor Jan 14, 1765 himself Mr Ingraham Taylor Jul 15, 1765 Patrick Terry Dec 07, 1765 Wife Gideon Thayer Feb 19, 1766 Zephion Thayer Jul 02, […]