Committee of Donations

“To Mr. Daniel Brainerd and others of the Committee of East Haddam [Connecticut]. Boston, Sept. 1, 1774. Gentlemen, -The town of East Haddam, in their letter of the 24th August, discover such a cordial sympathy for our distress, and give such a pleasing proof of their resolution to assist us, as makes us more than […]

“Joseph Warren to the Preston Committee Boston, Aug. 24, 1774. Gentlemen, -We received by Capt Belcher your letter of the 20th, and the sum of money you were kind enough to send for the support of our poor.  It gives us pleasure amidst our sufferings to find our Brethren determined to assist and support us […]

“Boston  Aug. 27, 1774. Gentlemen,- Your letter, with the 291 sheep, were received safely, and met with a very hearty welcome.— We have good reason to think that our oppressors see their mistake, and that they will ere long be convinced that Americans are not to be fritted or wheedled out of their rights.- The […]

To the Committee of Middletown [Connecticut] Boston, November 17, 1774. Gentlemen, -Your kind letter of the 17th of October came safe to hand. When we reflect on the great importance of the controversy in which we are engaged; when we consider that America will be free and happy or servilely wretched, according as we conduct […]