William Eustis

Date: August 26, 1778 “Bedford [Pennsylvania or Massachusetts?] 15 miles from Camp Dear Doctor [Nathaniel Ames III], When I was with you in Dedham, I expected my brother would have gone to Boston immediately on my arrival in Camp: but business so happened that he did not go, and therefore I had not the opportunity […]

Commentary:  Recently Frederic C. “Rick” Detwiller called to my attention to his belief that James Swan (1754-1830) may well be a key, and heretofore unrecognized figure depicted in John Trumbull’s iconic painting of the Battle of Bunker Hill.  In the central vignette of Trumbull’s painting a supine Joseph Warren stares upward at the moment of […]

by William Eustis Date: November 17, 1773 [to Dr. John Warren] Auspicious Youth, These are to congratulate you on the pleasing smile w[h]ich Madame Fortune has been pleased to cast upon you. Your happy success serves to confirm me in the opinion that superior merit seldom fails to meet with its reward. We poor delvers […]

Author: John Adams Date: April 8, 1768 “And the said Joseph Warren agreeing that s[ai]d Phillip may give any special matter in Evidence and in general and upon the said Phillip agreeing that he may wave this plea & [substitute] with that plea of s[ai]d Phillip before pleaded insufficient in law to preclude him s[ai]d […]