Phillis Wheatley

AN ELEGY OCCASIONED BY THE DEATH of Major General JOSEPH WARREN, who fell fighting¬† in Defense of the Glorious Cause of his Country, at Charlestown, in New England on the memorable 17th day of June, 1775 O!¬† Every mournful Muse inspire my Verse, Fill my young Breast with more than mortal Fire, For Notes alone […]

Date: 1763 – 1775 Descriptor Title First Name Surname Occupation or Address Initial Visit Mr Joseph Taylor Aug 27, 1763 Captn Taylor Jun 21, 1764 Mr H Mr Joseph Taylor Jan 14, 1765 himself Mr Ingraham Taylor Jul 15, 1765 Patrick Terry Dec 07, 1765 Wife Gideon Thayer Feb 19, 1766 Zephion Thayer Jul 02, […]