Mrs. Dix

[To Mrs. Dix of Worcester, Massachusetts] Boston December 10th [1776] Tell your good Mama Ive seen the people about the cake pans but as she did not tell me how many she wanted I did not chuse to take them till I hear from her – they have about a dozen and half – she […]

by Miss Mercy Scollay Date: July 27, 1776 [to Mrs. Dix] “Eben [Ebenezer Warren, Joseph’s brother] comming in for me and said his mother wanted to see me very much when I arrived at the old Ladys [Mrs. Mary Stevens Warren] she told me Mrs M—r [Miller] had sent out that morning and desired to […]

Author: Miss Mercy Scollay Undated, probably late April 1776 “To Mrs. Dix. Will my Dear Mrs. Dix forgive her friend for leaving this house and not again visit the Chamber that had so often witnessed the joys and sorrows of her checqerd state – but I feard to pain your gentle nature by taking a […]