Nathaniel Ames

Monuments and physical locations exclusively associated with the Stamp Tax are extremely rare. The only one to my knowledge is the obelisk erected in Dedham, Massachusetts, in the summer of 1766. J.L. Bell informs me that Dr. Nathaniel Ames (probably III) was the driving force behind this monument and, perhaps, Dedhamites were not entirely thrilled […]

Date: 1758 Author: Nathaniel Ames July 3, 1758 “Cato a Play acted at [Joseph] Warren’s Chamber” July 6, 1758 “Cato to Perfection” July 14, 1758 “Cato more perfect than before.” Sources: Nathaniel Ames’ Diary (extracts), manuscript, Dedham Historical Society: Dedham, Massachusetts. Ames, Nathaniel. “Year of a College Student’s Life.” In American History Told by Contemporaries, […]

Date: August 26, 1778 “Bedford [Pennsylvania or Massachusetts?] 15 miles from Camp Dear Doctor [Nathaniel Ames III], When I was with you in Dedham, I expected my brother would have gone to Boston immediately on my arrival in Camp: but business so happened that he did not go, and therefore I had not the opportunity […]

In early April 1775, two weeks prior to the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, Joseph Warren arranged for the care of a young pregnant woman.  Thought to have been Sally Edwards, she was identified only as Joseph Warren’s “fair incognita pregnans” in the account book of Dr. Nathaniel Ames, the physician, Dedham innkeeper, and old […]