British Documentation of an American Atrocity

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Author: John G. Battier

Date: undated, probably late April 1775

“Capt: Gordon,

Thos: Lugg, Wm: Lewis, Charles Carrier & Rich:d Grimshaw in the presence of Captn Battier of the 5th Light Company do solemnly declare, when they were returning to Join the Grenediers they saw a man belonging to the Light Company of the 4:th Regiment with the skin over his Eye’s Cut and also the Top parts of his Ears cut off —

This declaration made in the presence of me–

John G. Battier Cap. L: I. 5 Foot”

Source:  Battier, John G. “Untitled Affidavit of Four British Soldiers” In Thomas Gage Papers, American Series, Vol. 128. Ann Arbor, MI: Clements Library, University of Michigan, undated, probably late April after the 19th, 1775. Transcribed directly from ms.

Commentary:  General Thomas Gage referred to this alleged American atrocity in his circumstantial account of the Battles of Lexington and Concord.  Did it occur as described?  How did Joseph Warren and the Massachusetts Provincial Patriot leadership respond? True or not, did it have any impact?

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