Francis Bernard

Date: March 14, 1768 “Messieurs Edes & Gill, Please to insert the following. With Pleasure I hear the general Voice of this People in favor of freedom; and it gives me solid satisfaction to find all orders of unplaced independent men, firmly determined, as far as in them lies, to support their own Rights, and […]

“London, December 19. From the Public Ledger. To the Printer. If the People of Great Britain were not as remarkable for inconsistency as for any other of their distinguishing characteristics, one would be tempted to imagine them possessed of worse minds, than the most barbarous savages in the wilds of America; but happily the strangeness […]

Date: March 7, 1768 “Messieurs Edes & Gill, Please to insert the following. My first performance, has by a strange kind of compliment, been by some applied to his Excellency Gov. Bernard.  It is not for me to account for the construction put upon it.  Every man has a right to make his own remarks, […]

Author: Observator, a Loyalist pseudonym “I observe in the Boston Gazette of the 29th of Feb. last [a] piece signed a True Patriot; — if scolding without reasoning, or alledging facts without proving them will intitle a man to the appellation of a true Patriot, he is justly intitled to it.  It is much easier […]

Author: Butler, a pseudonymous Loyalist writer “The scandalous, factious, threatning Piece, – nay the infamous, detestable virulent scrawl in Edes and Gill’s last Monday’s paper – that so truly deserved the censure of the lower – as well as the upper –, I find was explained away by – C—y and – J—t in a […]

Date: February 29, 1768 “Messieurs Edes & Gi[ll,] Please to insert the following. May it please you –, We have for a long Time known your Enmity to this Province.  We have had full Proof of your Cruelty to a loyal People.  No Age has perhaps furnished a more glaring Instance of obstinate Perseverance in […]