Townshend Duties

Date: Boston, June 6, 1768 Illustrious Patriot The friends of Liberty, Wilkes, Peace and good order to the number of Forty five, assembled at the Whig Tavern Boston New England, take this first opportunity to congratulate your Country, the British Colonies and yourself, on your happy return to the land worthy such an Inhabitant: worthy! […]

Date: May 4, 1768 “The Article in the Warrant Viz. ‘To consider of some proper Representations to be made respecting the Difficulties the Trade labour under by means of the late Regulations, and Methods to be taken for our Relief’ was read – whereupon Voted, that Mr. Henderson Inches Joshua Henshaw Esq The Honble. James […]

“London, December 19. From the Public Ledger. To the Printer. If the People of Great Britain were not as remarkable for inconsistency as for any other of their distinguishing characteristics, one would be tempted to imagine them possessed of worse minds, than the most barbarous savages in the wilds of America; but happily the strangeness […]

Author: Observator, a Loyalist pseudonym “I observe in the Boston Gazette of the 29th of Feb. last [a] piece signed a True Patriot; — if scolding without reasoning, or alledging facts without proving them will intitle a man to the appellation of a true Patriot, he is justly intitled to it.  It is much easier […]

“For the New-York Journal. It appears by the eastern papers, that the public spirited measures, for the encouragement of frugality, industry, and American manufactures, still spread and increase, in all the New-England provinces, notwithstanding the utmost endeavours of some malignant and infamous writers that infest them; among whom, one who stiles himself A True Patriot […]

To The True Patriot [i.e. to the pseudonymous Boston Evening-Post writer styling himself A True Patriot of Swanzey], alias, – – creature, If there had been the least spark of modesty in your whole composition, after being publickly detected in the most impudent malicious fals[e]hoods, you would have bid a lasting adieu to scribbling; at […]

Date: December 28, 1767 “Friends, countrymen, and fellow-citizens” of Britain!  “A very little time will convince you that my sole motive for addressing you, was the hearty good wishes, and sincere desire I ever shall have of” serving myself.  “At that time I” tho’t “I saw nothing but hurry and confusion taking place” – “many […]

“To the Publishers of the Boston Evening-Post. Here stood her Opium, here she nursed her Owls, And here she plann’d the imperial Seat of Fools. Pope. When the True Patriot considers the benevolent dispositions and most respectable characters of the worthy triumvirate that have been pleased to treat him with an inundation of grub-street and […]

“Messieurs Edes & Gill, Please to insert the following. I have seen enough of life to make me cautious of trusting to a fair outside; yet when I find a truly good and honest man, be his tenets in religion or philosophy what they may, I regard him as a pearl of great price.  It […]

Date: September 28, 1767 Messirs. Fleets, Please to insert the following in your next. Its proper Power to hurt each Creature feels, Bulls aim their Horns, and Asses lift their Heels. Pope. Amongst the many great and daring steps lately taken by the pretended Patriots of this province to promote discord, and alienate the minds […]