about Warren after 1800

Date: Sunday, September 3, 2017 Author: Sara Salinas, Boston Globe Correspondent “While city officials look to bring new life to City Hall Plaza, a group of local historians is calling for a memorial to the life once lived under the bricks. Historians have mapped the approximate location of the former home of Joseph Warren, a […]

Miss Mercy Scollay, widower Joseph Warren’s fiancée at the time of his demise, campaigned to raise Warren’s four orphaned children – Elizabeth (“Betsey “ born about 1765, Joseph (IV, “Jose” born 1767), Richard (“Dickie” born 1769), and Mary (“Polly” born 1772). The children’s lots in life were rocky, particularly right after their father’s death at […]

Author: Robert Vartanian (Continued from here) Several lodges both within the 6th Masonic District and outside of the District have supported this project, as have many individuals. We sincerely thank each and every one of these sponsors. After much time has been invested and after the many twists and turns, finally a dedication date has […]

Author: Robert Vartanian (Continued from here.) We talked to several sculptors to create a statue, and selected a sculptor from Utah. The criteria we had established was to first ensure the statue was made in America with American bronze. Although the original statue was created in France, we believed that since Bro. Warren was an […]

Author: Robert Vartanian (Continued from here) The plan called for the statue to be replaced where it previously stood, however the footprint of the area had been substantially reduced during the construction, and no longer would accommodate the return of the statue. This statue was placed in a storage facility in Franklin Park until its […]

Author: Robert Vartanian It was a cold rainy day in late April of 2015 when R.W. Stan Gaw took it upon himself to locate the grave of M.W. Joseph Warren. Bro. Gaw, being an analytical person, first inquired at the office of the Forest Hills Cemetery for help on his quest. The office provided him […]

The Boston Landmarks Commission (BLC) is currently considering a petition of Roxbury residents to designate the Warren homestead as an historic site and building. Several people attending the City Hall hearing on April 26, 2016 also opined on the fate of the bronze statue of Joseph Warren, which used to stand on a now-gone traffic […]

Date: January 12, 2016 Commentary: The Warren House in Roxbury is currently unoccupied, unmarked as an historic site, and faces an uncertain future. The immediate neighboring structure recently burned due to accident or vandalism, and has been leveled to an empty lot. The address is 130 Warren Street, Roxbury, MA 02119-3233. As of this writing, […]

Words by William Ross Wallace. Music by Bernard Covert Date: circa 1855   He lay upon his dying bed; His eyes were growing dim, When with a feeble voice he called His weeping son to him: “Weep not, my boy!” the vet’ran said, “I bow to Heaven’s high will  — But quickly from yon antlers […]

by John Pierpoint Stand! the ground’s your own, my braves! Will ye give it up to slaves? Will ye look for greener graves? Hope ye mercy still? What’s the mercy despots feel? Hear it in that battle-peal! Read it on yon bristling steel. Ask it,–ye who will. Fear ye foes who kill for hire? Will […]