about Warren 1765 and prior

What:  Hearing on whether the Warren home should become a designated historic site. If you are in the area and feel strongly on the matter, do attend the public hearing. Why:  The future of the Warren house is uncertain. The situation causing concern is summarized here. The Warren house has never been officially certified in […]

“…At a Meeting of Freeholders and other Inhabitants of this Town on Wednesday the 4th ult. A very respectable Committee was appointed to consider what Measures were proper to be taken to vindicate the Character of the Town from the false and injurious Representations contained in several Letters, Memorials, &c. wrote by Governor Bernard, General […]

Date: 1800s, referring to 1764 Author: John Adams “In the Winter of 1764 the Small Pox prevailing in Boston, I went with my Brother into Town and was inocculated under the Direction of Dr. Nathaniel Perkins and Dr. Joseph Warren. This Distemper was very terrible even by Inocculation at that time. My Physicians dreaded it, […]

Date: April 13, 1764 My dearest We arrived at Captn. Cunninghams, about Twelve O’Clock and sent our Compliments to Dr. Perkins. The Courrier returned with Answer that the Dr. was determined to inoculate no more without a Preparation preevious to Inoculation. That We should have written to him and have received Directions from him, and […]

Date: Late 1750s Research notes: Joseph Warren, Class of 1759, occupied: Mass[achusetts Hall] 20 with [Josiah] Bridge (Class of 1758) in 1756 Stoughton [Hall] 3 with [Abiel] Leonard (Class of 1759) in 1757 Mass[achusetts Hall] 8 with [Samuel] Cotton (Class of 1759) in 1758 Source: Cambridge, MA: Harvard University, Pusey Library, 1755-1959. UAIII 15.22 Commentary: […]

Date: 1758 Author: Nathaniel Ames July 3, 1758 “Cato a Play acted at [Joseph] Warren’s Chamber” July 6, 1758 “Cato to Perfection” July 14, 1758 “Cato more perfect than before.” Sources: Nathaniel Ames’ Diary (extracts), manuscript, Dedham Historical Society, Massachusetts Ames, Nathaniel. “Year of a College Student’s Life.” In American History Told by Contemporaries, Vol […]

Date: 1713 Author: John Addison “A day, an hour of virtuous liberty is worth a whole eternity in bondage.” (Act II, Scene 1, lines 99-100) “What pity is it than we can die but once to serve our country!” (Act IV, scene 4, lines 81-82) Sources: Addison, John. Cato: A Tragedy – as It Is […]

Authors: Eleazer Williams, Joseph Williams, Ebenezer Cheney Date: July 13, 1765 (extract)“…Total value 1052 pounds 13 shillings and 4 pence. Mansion house, barns, buildings and 7 acres 292 pounds. Submitted by Eleazer Williams, Joseph Williams, Ebenezer Cheney. –F[oster]. Hutchinson, Judge Probate Suffolk County; Wm Cooper, Registrar” Source: In John Warren Papers, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston […]

Dates: 1756 thru 1757 Accounting Vol. 64, p. 470 (also noted as Vol. 51, p. 5-6, dated Jan 5, 1756.) Doner Appraisal Vol. 64, pp. 471-472 (Vol. 51 for 1756-1757) May 2, 1766  1495/7 Pounds total including: “One old Negro Man servt & young Negro Girl” valued at 26/13/4. Vol. 51, p. 630, 800/0/0 for […]

Date: May 24, 1756 (extract) “Real Estate Valuation of Joseph Warren Estate, land valued at 1345 Pounds.” Source: In John Collins Warren Papers II, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston Commentary: Widow Mary Stevens Warren took on considerable responsibility to keep the Roxbury family farm intact and viable following the untimely death of her husband, Joseph Warren […]