Author: Robert Vartanian It was a cold rainy day in late April of 2015 when R.W. Stan Gaw took it upon himself to locate the grave of M.W. Joseph Warren. Bro. Gaw, being an analytical person, first inquired at the office of the Forest Hills Cemetery for help on his quest. The office provided him […]

by Deborah Champion [By internal references, circa 1775-76 Siege of Boston. No date or town of posting.] My Dear Patience: I know that you will think it a weary long time since I have written to you, and indeed I would have answered your last sweet letter long before now, but I have been away […]

Previous postings here noted the discovery of separate publishers in geographically separated Massachusetts towns apparently sharing a single set-up of moveable type. This kind of cooperation had never been noted in all of English language Colonial and Early Republic newspaper publishing in North America. This earlier posting shows superimposed images of the first page of […]