Abigail Adams

Date: June 2,1775 [John Adams, at Philadelphia, to Abigail Adams] My Dear I had Yesterday the Pleasure of two Letters from you, by Dr. Church. We had been so long without any Intelligence from our Country, that the Sight of the Dr. gave us great joy. I have received no Letters from England, untill the […]

Date: April 13, 1764 My dearest We arrived at Captn. Cunninghams, about Twelve O’Clock and sent our Compliments to Dr. Perkins. The Courrier returned with Answer that the Dr. was determined to inoculate no more without a Preparation preevious to Inoculation. That We should have written to him and have received Directions from him, and […]

Hannah Storer Green to Abigail Adams             “Westfield [Massachusetts] August 18th. 1775 My Dear Friend ‘To certain Trouble we are born Hope to rejoice but sure to mourn.’ A serious truth this, which daily observation teaches, and experience convinces us of; for at the very moment that our hopes are at their height, trouble comes […]

Dates: 1763 – 1775 Descriptor Title First Name Surname Occupation or Address Initial Visit   Abbot Mr. Abbot maid Mar 2, 1775 Mrs. Abbot Mar 8, 1775 Negro Woman Mr Samuel Abbott Merchant Jan 09, 1765 Negro      Mr Samuel Abbott Merchant Jan 10, 1765 self Mr Samuel Abbott Merchant Jan 02, 1766 Samuel Adames Speaker […]