by Dr. John Collins Warren Date: Recollection of circa 1796 events “No occurrences in the course of my life have given me more trouble and anxiety than the procuring of subjects for dissection in the medical lectures. My father began to dissect early in the Revolutionary War. He obtained the office of Army Surgeon when […]

Date: circa 1800 Author: John Warren “In some of the more populous towns, students were sometimes indulged with the privilege of examining the bodies of those who had died from any extraordinary diseases; and in a few instances, associations were formed for pursuing the business of dissection, where opportunities offered, from casualties or from public […]

Author:  Jonathan Norwood Date:  June 5, 1775 [To Dr. John Warren posted from Falmouth, Casco Bay] “Sir, I suppose all thoughts of the West India Expedition are laid aside, and that you determine to exercise your talents for the benefit of your countrymen. I need not assure you how great satisfaction it would give me […]

Date: [October 22] 1773 [William Eustis to Dr. John Warren] “Dear BROTHER, This may serve to inform you that as soon as the body of Levi Ames was pronounced dead, by Dr. Jeffries, Dr. Jeffries, it was delivered by the Sheriff [Stephen Greenleaf] to a person who carried it in a cart to the water […]