Philo Physic

Date: July 16, 1767 Author: Democritus, a pseudonymous writer sharing Joseph Warren’s condemnation of Dr. Thomas Young “Why really Hippocrates you should have better consulted the Character you assumed: In spite of the Lion’s Skin, the Ass betrays himself by his braying; who could have guessed that such exalted Merit as Dr. Young would be […]

Date: June 22, 1767 “To Misophlauros.  Sir, I have read your publication in the last Evening Post, and cannot think that your recapitulation of Dr. Young’s arguments to justify his conduct, has at all served him. – The authors mentioned by Dr. Young, are in the hands of many gentlemen of the Faculty, and whoever […]

Date: June 8, 1767 “Messieurs Edes and Gill, Please to insert the following friendly Letter to Dr. Young. Sir, It gives me great concern that I have been so unhappy as to fall under your displeasure: Yet as I am not sensible of having merited it, you much excuse my not making any acknowledgment of […]

Date: June 1, 1767 “To Philo Physic An Arbiter between contending Parties needs as least some qualifications to give either the parties or the public an evidence of his right to intermeddle – Candour should be copied from somebody if the judge is wholly destitute of it himself – Manly sense and perspicuity could not […]

Date: May 25, 1767 “Messieurs Edes and Gill, Please to insert the following in your next Paper, and you will oblige the Writer. As the attention of the public has been for sometime engaged by the controversy between Dr. Whitworth and Dr. Young; and as those gentlemen have both requested the opinion of their brethren […]