Mucius Scaevola

Author: Mucius Scaevola, a pseudonym of Joseph Warren Date: January 2, 1772 “To T—– H———, Esq. Sir, Notwithstanding your apparent ascendency over the reprehensive power of any body politic in this community, I cannot esteem myself fairly acquitted of my duty without giving you a little share of wholesome admonition, in common with the rest […]

by John Greenleaf, about Mucius Scaevola Date: December 11, 1771 “Dear Sir, As you are desirous of having an Account of the Late transactions of the Governor and Council relating to the, and my conduct respecting the same, I shall gratify you by giving you a short detail, that you may be able to judge, […]

Date: August 1770 Authors: John Greenleaf in committee with Daniel Noyes, Samuel Pool, Aaron Hobart, David Jones, Jr. and Thomas Wilkse “Ever since what they call the massacre of the 5th of March, the news-papers have been full of resolves from the different towns, in support of the non-importation agreement, totally denying the power of […]

Author: Freeman, a pseudonymous Loyalist Date: December 28, 1771 I shall now proceed and consider another subject of complaint, The Governor’s receiving a salary from the Crown independent of the people, having first observed that there is not the least reason to suppose that the appointment of this salary was solicited by his Excellency.  One […]