Citizen Soldier

Date:  March 6, 1775 “[P]rinces, honoured with the name of Christian, might bid defiance to the founder of their faith, might pillage Pagan countries and deluge them with blood, only because they boasted themselves to be the disciples of that teacher who strictly charged his followers to do to others as they would that others […]

Date:  August 24, 1774 “When liberty is the prize, who would shun the warfare? Who would stoop to waste a coward thought on life? We esteem no sacrifice too great, no conflict too severe, to redeem our inestimable rights and privileges.” Source: Letter to Patriots in Stonington, Connecticut

Date: May 17, 1775 ”Thus a War has begun, which I have frequently said to you and others, would if not timely prevented, overturn the British Empire, but I hope after a full conviction both of our Ability and resolution to Maintain our rights, Britain will act with that Wisdom which it is so absolutely […]

Date:  August 24, 1774 “Our enemies, we know, will use every artifice that hell can suggest and human power can execute to enslave us; but we are determined not to submit. We choose to effect our salvation from bondage by policy, rather than by arms; considering that the blood of free men who fight for […]

Date: May 26, 1775 “I see more and more the necessity of establishing a civil government here, and such a government as shall be sufficient to control the military forces, not only of this colony, but also such as shall be sent to us from the other colonies. The continent must strengthen and support with […]