Source: Massachusetts Historical Society artifact. Photograph by Boston Public Library, where the sword is currently on display through November 29, 2015. It is part of the “We Are One” exhibition at McKim Hall at the main library location. Commentary: This sword is believed to have been carried by Joseph Warren at the moment of his […]

Date:  September 5, 1775 Author:  [Anonymous] “The Provincials, covered by a small orchard, near the lines of the Boston Neck fortification, often picked out a centinel with their rifle-men; and at the periods of relieving guard in the night, they usually wound or kill some.  In retaliation, an Irish soldier is posted in a small […]

Author: [Anonymous] Date:  September 2, 1775 “The death of Dr. Warren, who was killed at Bunker’s Hill on the 17th of June, was occaisioned in the following manner:  When the Provincials were retreating in consequence of the three concurring circumstances,  Charles Town being on fire, the ships cannonading, and the regulars advancing,  the Doctor, with […]