British Press

Author:  [Anonymous] Date:  July 29, 1775 “A gentleman is arrived in town, who was present at the action on the 17th of June, at Charles Town, between the Provincials and the Regulars;  he says, that nothing could exceed the intrepidity of the Americans; that the King’s forces have intrenched themselves at Charles-Town, which was little […]

Date: July 13, 1776 Author: [Anonymous] “A report having prevailed, that Dr. Warren was not killed, I think it necessary to contradict it, as I saw a soldier, after the doctor was wounded, and lying in the trenches, going to run him through the body with his bayonet, on which the Doctor desired he would […]

Date:  September 5, 1775 Author:  [Anonymous] “Yesterday morning advice was received of the safe arrival of the Russia Merchant, Captain Street, at Dover, from Boston, with some dispatches from General Gage, which were immediately sent express to the Secretary of State’s Office. – She sailed from Boston the 29th of July, but has brought no […]

Author: [Anonymous] Date:  September 2, 1775 “The death of Dr. Warren, who was killed at Bunker’s Hill on the 17th of June, was occaisioned in the following manner:  When the Provincials were retreating in consequence of the three concurring circumstances,  Charles Town being on fire, the ships cannonading, and the regulars advancing,  the Doctor, with […]