High Son of Liberty

Date: March 5, 1772 “May we ever be a people favoured of GOD. May our land be a land of liberty, the seat of virtue, the asylum of the oppressed, a name and a praise in the whole earth.” “In young and new formed communities…the motives which urged to the social compact, cannot be at […]

Date:  June 15, 1774 “If the timidity of some and the treachery of others in this town do not ruin us, I think we shall be saved. I fear New York will not assist us with a very good grace; but she may perhaps be ashamed to desert us: at least, if her MERCHANTS offer […]

Date: August 15, 1774 “[T]he present American representation is a shadow, and not a substance; and I am certain, that, unless it is put upon a better footing, the people themselves will, in a few years, readily consent to throw off the useless burthen.” Source: Letter to Samuel Adams

Date: November 11, 1774 “It is the united voice of America to preserve their freedom, or lose their lives in defence of it. Their resolutions are not the effect of inconsiderate rashness, but the sound result of sober inquiry and deliberation. I am convinced, that the true spirit of liberty was never so universally diffused […]