Receipt – John Adams Esq to Joseph Warren Dr

in about Warren

by John Adams

Date: March 14, 1772

“To Medicines and Attendance for himself and Family from March 1769 to January 1772


To one Cask of [ ] Wine


To Cash at several Times


To Cash


To Cash

11 18 0

To Cash



Source: The Adams Papers, Boston: Massachusetts Historical Society, Microform Reel 344

Commentary: By 1772, the relationship between John Adams and Joseph Warren encompassed medical care, legal services, Patriotic political activism, and perhaps business dealings. Medical services to the Adams’ family is documented during the 1769 to 1772 time period in which most of Warren’s account books are missing. Payment in kind is notable for £6 for a cask of wine. The total amount, including cash transfers, is £110/18 shillings/4 pence, most probably denominated in Massachusetts Pounds. This receipt is probably connected to payments and cash advances recorded in other documents involving John Adams on the same March date.

It is unclear whether Warren’s Boston Massacre Oration, delivered only nine days prior, had any connection with this monetary exchange involving Adams. The earliest surviving ephemera documenting dealings between Joseph Warren and John Adams is this April 1768 legal document. Warren’s clinical services and personal introduction to Adams was at the latter’s inoculation for smallpox in 1764. John and Abigail Adams show up in Warren’s account books starting February 15, 1768 (Joseph Warren Account Books 1763-1788, Boston: Massachusetts Historical Society. Ms. N-2074 XT, Vol. I, page 75).

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