Divers Seditious Expressions

in about Warren

Author: [Anonymous], apparently extracted from the Boston Gazette

Date: November 28, 1771

“Nov. 22. On Friday last in the afternoon his Excellency the Governor lais before the Council for their advice thereon, a paper in the Massachusetts Spy of Thursday, signed Mucius Scaevola, said to contain divers seditious expressions &c.  The council after debating till sun down adjourned till the next day, when they met again and sent for the printer, who in answer to the summons, told the messenger he was busy in his office and should not attend: Upon which it is said a motion was made for his commitment to prison for contempt, but did not obtain—Whether through the abundant lenity of the honourable Board, or from their having no legal authority in the case, has not yet transpired to us.  The final result was, their unanimous advice to the Governor to order the King’s Attorney to prosecute the Printer at Common-Law.                                                                   [Boston Gaz.

Source: The New York Journal

Commentary: Loyalists were not amused by Mucius Scaevola, whom I believe to have been a pseudonym of Joseph Warren. A New York newspaper covered the story.


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