Misattribution to Joseph Warren concerning A True Patriot

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Author: T.N. Monument-Maker (pseudonym, possibly Thomas Newell)

Date: March 27, 1769

“I am informed of what passed with the Grand Jury last Week, relative to a Paper signed A True Patriot, published in the Supplement to your Gazette of February 29, 1768. – I imagined nothing more would have been said upon a Subject which has so ridiculously taken up the Time of many Persons, who might have been more wisely employed. – However, I know the Motives of those who have again bro’t it on the Tapis: It is to be represented to the Ministry as an Instance of Disregard to law and good Order.  What Success Plotters will have, Time must discover.  In the mean Time, it may be depended on, that their Representations will not as in Time past, be suffered to go without Company.”

Source: Boston Gazette

Commentary: A True Patriot was still making waves over a year later, when this pseudonymous writer noted that it was again being discussed for prosecution as a case of libel against Governor Francis Bernard. The case never materialized.

Mid-nineteenth century Warren biographer Richard Frothingham (Life and Times of Joseph Warren, p. 44) tentatively attributed this letter to Joseph Warren on account of its subject matter and place of publication. I believe that it was more likely to have been written by Thomas Newell, then a leading member of the St. Andrew’s Masonic Lodge.  Freemasons claim legendary descent from builders of antiquity and the Renaissance, hewing timeless monuments like King Solomon’s Temple and the grand cathedrals of Europe from stone.








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