Committee to Prepare a Vote Relative to Late Transaction

in about Warren

Date: June 14, 1768

“Upon a Motion made and seconded, Voted, that

Dr. Joseph Warren

Dr. Benjamin Church

Mr. Samuel Adams

be a Committee to prepare the form of a Vote, to be laid before the Town at the Adjournment; expressing their great dislike at the manners of procedure in the Custom house Officers in lately carrying off a Vessel from Hancocks Wharff; and their sense of the ill consequences which must follow the methods made use of to introduce armed force into this Town – to Report at the Adjournment –”

Source: Records of the Town of Boston, Reel 5

Commentary: Joseph Warren was appointed as part of a committee to draft a Town of Boston response to unpopular Customs officials’ seizure of John Hancock’s ship Liberty. By this time Joseph had become Samuel Adams’ protégé in political matters and likely a personal friend.

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