Committee Relative to Difficulties of Trade

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Date: May 4, 1768

“The Article in the Warrant Viz. ‘To consider of some proper Representations to be made respecting the Difficulties the Trade labour under by means of the late Regulations, and Methods to be taken for our Relief’ was read – whereupon Voted, that

Mr. Henderson Inches

Joshua Henshaw Esq

The Honble. James Otis Esq

Dr. Joseph Warren

Dr. Benjamin Church

Mr. Samuel Adams

The Honble. Thomas Cushing Esq

John Rowe Esq

be and hereby are appointed a Committee to take the same into Consideration and Report at the Adjournment –”

Source: Records of the Town of Boston, Reel 5

Commentary: Joseph was appointed to a Town of Boston committee to explore ways of resisting the Townshend duties. Henceforth he was often on the forefront of economic measures opposing Ministerial tax policies made without Provincial representation. Through such town meeting appointments Warren worked with leading Whigs, with whom he was now formally aligned. Prior to 1768 he was a Whig-leaning independent, writing as B.W. and Paskalos. He did not hold elective office until late in 1774.

Among other Whigs on this committee were moderate John Rowe, a wealthy merchant. At this time John Rowe’s Masonic Lodge of St. James Moderns had been disparaging Joseph Warren’s St. Andrews’ Ancients.

At various times John Rowe was Warren’s patient, as were Samuel Adams, James Otis, and members of Joshua Henshaw’s and Thomas Cushing’s households.

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