Time of Permission of Inoculation

in about Warren

Date: April 19, 1764

Author: William Cooper

“The following Advertisement was sent the several Printers, for a place in their Papers — viz’.

The Time for the permission of Inoculation in this Town by a Vote of the Inhabitants at a General Town Meeting being limitted to the 20′. of April ends to Morrow, therefore the Selectmen expect that no Person will presume to come in for Inoculation after the 20′. Day is past, and they hereby inform the Publick, that the Gentlemen Physicians belonging to or now in the Town have engaged in conformity to said Vote, that they will not Inoculate any Person after the Time limitted.

By Order of the Selectmen

William Cooper Town Clerk —

The Time for the permission of Inoculation in this Town, ending to Morrow, the Gentlemen Physicians belonging to or now in the Town, were desired to attend the Selectmen, who accordingly attended, when they engaged that they would not Inoculate any Person after the Time, Limited by the Town—The Physicians who came into this Agreement are as follows — viz’. John Perkins, James Pecker, John Clark, Nyot Doubt, James Lloyd, John Sprague, Henry Will: Crozier, Hall Jackson, Joseph Warren, John Peck, Mr. Mather, Nathaniel Perkins

Thomas Bulfinch
Myles Whitworth
Sylvester Gardner
Benjamin Church
Mr. Lord
Mr. Williams
Charles Pyncheon
Mr. Tamer
Mr. Thomas
Mr. Roberts

Gadfred Cast for himself and Mr Wells.
Joseph Gardner for himself and Mr Barrett


The Physicians sent to who did not attend the Selectmen are

Samuel Marshall

Samuel Gilston

Mr Smith

Mr Mather

Mr William Perkins”

Source: From Vol. 20, Boston Records Commission, Records of the Boston Selectmen

Commentary: The Town of Boston coordinated closely with physicians, enacting aggressive public health measures in support of quarantine and a large scale inoculation campaign. Joseph Warren served as house physician in Dr. Perkins & Co’s smallpox inoculation hospital. Like many of his colleagues he also provided some inoculations free of charge to those could not afford it.

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