To the Author of the Piece published in the last Evening-Post

in by Warren

Author: Paskalos, a pseudonym of Joseph Warren

Date: March 17, 1767

Source: Boston Gazette

To the Author of the Piece published in the last Evening-Post, erroneously signed, A Friend to the Province.


Though you are pleased to treat me with much Passion and Uncharitableness, yet I scorn to retaliate. – I do purely, from a Principle of Benevolence, acknowledge that I am fully satisfied of your Incapacity to judge whether I have proved any Thing against G. B—d or not. This you much confess is very good natured, since Fools are always more excuseable than Rogues. – But, Sir, if you will be so kind as to ask any Gentleman (who is not unhappily in the same Box with your self) whether I have not clearly proved that Verres has in many Instances acted both imprudently and wickedly, I am very confident that he will answer you in the Affirmative – And I would not advise you to fatigue your little Brain any further about the Matter.

I am, with the greatest Indifference,

Your’s, Paskalos.

Commentary: Warren attempts a witty characterization of an opposing writer.

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