To be Regardless of Your Country’s Interest

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Author: B.W., a pseudonym

Date: October 7, 1765

“Time is not I trust yet come that Indolence has so enervated your Powers, that you will neither bestir yourselves to promote its [Liberty’s] Interests, nor make a stand, when oppression, like Poverty, invades as an armed Man…”

“Not to feel for public Calamities – to be regardless of your Country’s Interest – to coil yourselves up within the dirty Shell of your own private Conveniency, careless of the common Good, is denying your Title to Humanity, and forfeiting the Character of rational beings.”

“[W]e know a great Part of the Monies raised will be perceived to enrich a set of corrupt individuals at our Expense… How vain would be all our Pretensions to Liberty, if we should expose our civil Privileges to be thus-trod under Foot by some, perhaps, of the most unworthy Members of the Community!”

“[B]y the grand Preogatives of Human Nature; the lovely image if the Infinite Deity; -and what is more than all, by that Liberty wherewith Christ has made you free.”

Source: Boston Gazette

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