Letter to the Roxbury School Committee

in by Warren

Author: Joseph Warren

Date: December 1761

Source: full text in Life and Times of Joseph Warren, 1865, p. 2. Richard Frothingham wrote that this letter was then in the possession of Roxbury Latin School.

“To the gentlemen intrusted with the care of the school in Roxbury:

Boston, December, 1761.

Gentlemen, – You may remember that you agreed with me to teach the school in Roxbury for forty-four pounds sixteen shillings a year; of which I have received from Deacon Gridley twenty-five pounds twelve shillings, of the Rev. Mr. Adams about five pounds, of the school-boys, to pay for the carting of wood, two pounds and eight pence, of which by your direction I expended eleven shillings and two pence in buying a lock, hooks, staples, and nails for the repairing of the school-house. So that there remains due to me about thirteen pounds, by payment of which to my mother or order, you will greatly oblige,

Gentlemen, your H. Servant, Joseph Warren.

P.S. – I am not certain of the particular sums received of the Rev. Mr. Adams; but his receipts will determine.”

Commentary: Following graduation from Harvard College in 1759 and until embarking on a medical apprenticeship under Dr. Lloyd in 1761, Joseph Warren taught at the Roxbury Latin School, where he had studied as a youngster. This document deals with his compensation by the town of Roxbury.

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